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Thu 11 May 2017

Thu 27 Apr 2017

Thu 30 Mar 2017

Fri 30 Dec 2016

360° COB LED tube light

The world’s first CSP LED tube light, using the latest flip chip technology, the whole tube light to achieve thousands of chips package.

Tue 2 Feb 2016

Wed 3 May 2017

Sun 2 Apr 2017

Wed 8 Mar 2017

Thu 11 May 2017

Mon 22 May 2017

Fantastic beasts: how to draw

Grab your pencils and pens and begin a journey into the world of Fantasy artist, illustrator and author Aaron Pocock.

Your Colours Workshop

Discover your colours with Emma Willmann, image consultant and personal stylist, who has a passion for building up women and revealing their unique beauty

Thu 11 May 2017

Mon 22 May 2017

Build Your Own PC

Learn the step-by-step process of putting together your own computer. Ages 9 to 18.

Thu 11 May 2017

Mon 22 May 2017

Library After Dark - Teens

Join us for unlimited access to computers, gaming, craft, pizza and much more ages 10+. Bookings are essential.

Thu 11 May 2017

Larrikin Puppetry

Larrikin Puppets perform a 30 minute puppet show of songs, games and skits, followed by a demonstration about how the puppets work. All ages welcome!