I love Kenworths

My name is Caleb Simmons from Haydon Station QLD.

Bus rams parked truck

The damaged bus at the crash scene at Smeaton Grange. Picture: Crown Electrical Solutions.

Bus hits truck while parked in NSW

Timber trucks protest in city centre

Trucks began arriving at 5am.

Mill closure sparks CFMEU protest.

Driver charged after 'loadfail' goes viral

It took police an hour to unpack and reload the trailer.

Driver continues despite unsecured load

Hay ride: Police call for details on load fail

#loadfail No explanation needed for what’s wrong with this truck pictured near Narellan yesterday. Picture: NSW Police

#loadfail, Police appeal to public in search of driver

Teen injured in collision between car and truck

A person has been seriously injured after a crash between a car and truck at Pennington Picture: Stephen Laffer

Police investigating car vs truck in Adelaide

WATCH: Tipper and dog close to collision

ON TAPE: Dash cam footage captures out of control truck and dog.

Lane change almost ends in disaster

READER'S VIEW: Weighing into a meaty subject about traffic

A cattle truck makes its way into Rockhampton over the Yeppen Lagoon Bridge which will be widened next year.

Bridges along the route need to be upgraded and width checked

You want to drive a Road Ranger gearbox, WHY?

Alan Rutland in the early days with a Volvo G88 which featured a 16 speed synchromesh gear box.

You want to drive a Road Ranger gearbox, WHY?

Dealing with stress: good advice for truckies

LONG HOURS: Some drivers are being forced to work excessive hours, the TWU has found. The truck pictured is one of many that drives the Warrego Hwy in Queensland regularly.

Get out of the truck, count to ten and try and engage the brain

Brisbane, Gateway Bridge, Gateway Motorway (M1)

Camera direction: Facing north

Sydney, Pacific Highway, Chatswood

Camera direction: Facing south

Port Melbourne, West Gate Bridge, West Tower

Camera direction: Facing east

Powerlines struck by truck

Truck brings down overhead wires on Swan St, Richmond

Truck brings down overhead wires on Swan St, Richmond

Witch hat hooligan

Geelong truckie captures idiot driver on flim

A HOON has been filmed swerving to grab witches hats on the Princes Highway...

Truck head on

Trucks hit head on, in collision on South Australian road.

Toddler walks into path of oncoming truck

THUMBNAIL- Toddler walks into path of oncoming truck.

A quick thinking driver's near miss as a child wanders onto busy highway.

Tassie Truckin': Kerri Connors

OUR congratulations to Kerri Connors from Eugenana on taking out top spot in the recent Volvo Drivers' Fuel Challenge in Queensland.

Truckin' About: Tony Wienert

The 46-year-old Tony has been a truckie for 20 years

Truckin' the Border: Michael Csorba

The 25-year-old was behind the wheel of a Kenworth T900

Life with Kermie: Making most of a weekend visit

BUSY weekend just gone, back in the old hometown of Hooterville - our first chance to get back there since we moved to MooTown.

Life with Kermie: Learning to make do in moo

UNPACKED: A nice spot to write.

Unpacking proves to be a headache for Kermie

Life with Kermie: Goodbye Hooterville, hello Moo!

WHAT NEXT: Kermie is rearing to open the door on a new chapter in his life in Mooroopna.

Leaving home and heading into next chapter

OPINION: Understanding the world wide web

Much of our life is lived through the internet but Kermie questions the whole bloody thing.

SO. YOU'VE got a truck or two. You've got a small business.

OPINION: Facebook can be the coward's media

Social media has become part of everyday life for so many.

One opinion counteracted by another and ne'er the Twain shall meet.

Bark King up the right tree

JEFF JOHNSON: Still driving at 60.

Kermie stops by iconic Melbourne transport business.