Brisbane, Gateway Bridge, Gateway Motorway (M1)

Camera direction: Facing north

Sydney, Pacific Highway, Chatswood

Camera direction: Facing south

Port Melbourne, West Gate Bridge, West Tower

Camera direction: Facing east

Big Rigs Heads North Episode 5

The ATA conference opens in Darwin, Bruce Honeywill checks out a brake testing set...

Big Rigs Heads North Episode 4

Checking out the Top End and arriving in Darwin.

Big Rigs Heads North Episode 3

Big Rigs Heads North Episode 3

Big Rigs Heads North Episode 2

A 1000km day through Mitchell Grass plains and border country from Winton to...

Truckin' in the Tropics: Bernie Thomas

A 1971 White driven by Bernie Thomas was one of the oldest trucks among the 160 plus in the Townsville Convoy For Kids.

Truckin' All Over: Bill Davis

Meet Bill from Whangereri

Tassie Truckin' : Gary Moore

Meet Tassie Driver Gary

Truckin' all over: Mick Salty

A Scania has caught Salty's heart

Truckin' in the Tropics: Noah Beacroft

Meet defence force driver Noah.

Truckin' the border: Chris Knight

Meet Chris and the 'Boneshaker'

Truckin' all over: Mark O'Mahoney

Meet Mark and his Kenworth

Life with Kermie: The new art of house hunting

So now we've decided where we are going to live.

OPINION: Understanding the world wide web

Much of our life is lived through the internet but Kermie questions the whole bloody thing.

SO. YOU'VE got a truck or two. You've got a small business.

OPINION: Facebook can be the coward's media

Social media has become part of everyday life for so many.

One opinion counteracted by another and ne'er the Twain shall meet.

Bark King up the right tree

JEFF JOHNSON: Still driving at 60.

Kermie stops by iconic Melbourne transport business.

Life with Kermie: When I'm 64

LOVING LIFE: The 14-year-old comes out to play.

RITA; will you still need me, will you still feed me, when I'm 64?

Bidding farewell to an old friend

VALE: Kermie's little Jiminy.

TODAY is a very sad day. Today is the last day I'll ever spend with