Brisbane, Gateway Bridge, Gateway Motorway (M1)

Camera direction: Facing north

Sydney, Pacific Highway, Chatswood

Camera direction: Facing south

Port Melbourne, West Gate Bridge, West Tower

Camera direction: Facing east

The Drone Way2

Ben Stamatovich started up The Drone Way to share his cool drone videos.

The Drone Way

Ben Stamatovich started up The Drone Way to share his cool drone videos.

Caravan uturn

Craig Dunn shared this dash cam video of a caravan doing a u-turn in front of him...

Simon Landow

Wollondilly Shire Councillor Simon Landow talks about the signs at the memorial...

TRUCKIN IN THE TROPICS: Who are our drivers?

WONDER who is out on the roads these days? Well, wonder no more! We chatted to some drivers to find out what makes them tick.

DRIVER PROFILES: Our drivers in the spotlight

Duncan Pike

Just who are some of Australia's drivers?

Tassie Truckin': Jono Lindsay

Jono Lindsay

"It's a family business.”

Tassie Truckin': Dallas Kotrba

Dallas Kotrba

He was driving his TAP Agrico 2015 460 CF Daf

Truckin' in the Tropics: Craig Downs

Craig Downs

Firefighter Craig said the trucks were an asset to capabilities

Tassie Truckin': Peter Masterton

Peter Masterton

"This is an interesting run though it can get tricky when it snows”

Truckin' in the Tropics: Victor Hewitt

Victor Hewitt

Mr Hewitt said he was enthusiastic about the job

Kermie's only way is down!

WHEN we moved to MooTown, we swore that it was the last move we would ever make.

Football, meat pies, and roos

FOOTY'S BACK: Watching a game for me is all encompassing: I yell and storm out of the room.

As a fan of summer, I'm sad to see it pass by

LIFE WITH KERMIE: Looking back isn't so sweet

THE CAT: "I stupidly also let my number plates, 'THE-CAT' expire (in NSW you rented them)”.

Sorry, hindsight is often (not) a wonderful thing

LIFE WITH KERMIE: What is around the corner?

PRIME OF YOUR LIFE: Kermie says you never know what is around the corner in this roller-coaster that is life.

Life takes many twists and turns, often for the better

LIFE WITH KERMIE: Kermie hits Koroit eventually

ALL ROADS LEAD HERE: All roads lead to Koroit for Kermie.

Kermie's trip to the Koroit Truck Show

Kermie celebrates new memories, old friends

RINGING IN THE NEW YEAR: Kermie celebrated with friends Don and Linda Wishart.

Kermie celebrates the new year with mates and family

Who's at your Chrissie table?

QUIET CHRISTMAS: Kermie and his wife Rita are in for a quiet Christmas at home this year.

Christmas is a time for great food