Brisbane, Gateway Bridge, Gateway Motorway (M1)

Camera direction: Facing north

Sydney, Pacific Highway, Chatswood

Camera direction: Facing south

Port Melbourne, West Gate Bridge, West Tower

Camera direction: Facing east

ProStar Launch

International ProStar Launch

BACK HOME AGAIN: International ProStar Launch

Truckie's Easter Message

Big rigs easter message

An Easter road safety message from the trucking community.

Truckin' Up The Range

ON THE WAY: A Mercedes Benz block truck and Kenworth power on under the weight of...


Footage posted on Dash Cam Owners Austalia of a flooded road open to Heavy Vehicles...

Truckin' in the Tassie: Daryn Craig

We spoke to Craig in his Mitsubishi light truck.

OPINION: Understanding the world wide web

SO. YOU'VE got a truck or two. You've got a small business. You need a website to tell the world how wonderful you are.

OPINION: Facebook can be the coward's media

Social media has become part of everyday life for so many.

One opinion counteracted by another and ne'er the Twain shall meet.

Life with kermie

No wonder folk who break down like it at Jeff's. Photo Graham Harsant / Big Rigs

Kermie went down to Woomargama recently and found some gems.