SUPPORTER: Rod Hannifey is backing the Have Your Say campaign to help spread the word.
SUPPORTER: Rod Hannifey is backing the Have Your Say campaign to help spread the word. Bruce Honeywill

Have your say in reshaping trucking laws in new campaign

YOU asked to have your voice heard when it comes to reshaping the Heavy Vehicle National Law and we've delivered.

In partnership with the Australian Trucking Association, this week we launch the Have Your Say campaign to give you a direct line to the policy team at the National Transport Commission.

We know most of you don't have time to wade through the lengthy issues papers on the NTC website and provide detailed submissions. You're too busy making ends meet.

But we know it's imperative that the policy- makers hear what you have to say. After all, you are the ones who will be directly impacted by changes more than anyone else in this industry.

So to have your opinions count where it matters most, we'll be devising a series of easy-to-answer questions and discussion points that get to the heart of key industry issues.

All you have to do is respond via the dedicated campaign line 0429 322 919, email and/or do what 47,000 of you love doing already - share your comments on our Facebook page. Just watch for the campaign prompts rolling out soon.

All comments and contributions through the campaign channels will then be collated and personally delivered by myself and ATA chief executive Ben Maguire to NTC executive leader, productivity, Paul Davies in Melbourne at the end of the campaign in May next year.

Mr Maguire said the campaign was about debunking the myth that the HVNL review was being run by "suits" and not connected to the industry.

"Gathering feedback from truck drivers during the review process is crucial as they are the ones dealing with these laws on a day-to-day basis but we keep hearing that they aren't being given the right opportunities to share their thoughts," he said.

"Together with Big Rigs, the ATA is providing a platform to ensure Australia's hard-working truck drivers are heard loud and clear and that they are accurately and fairly represented in the national truck law review.

"Every single piece of feedback we receive will be sent to the NTC for the inclusion in the review. That is our promise."

High-profile industry influencer Rod Hannifey was rapt to hear about the Big Rigs/ATA campaign and said he'd give it his full support.

"Based on the submissions thus far and that so many people I talk to don't even know the thing is on, I've been really concerned that the review isn't getting the best value," he said.

"This is a major step in the right direction."

Mr Davies said he welcomed the collaboration between Big Rigs and the ATA as an alternative for drivers to have their opinions heard.

"From the very beginning of the review, we [the NTC] have invited - in fact, encouraged - feedback from all stakeholders, and this is a great opportunity to complement our approach by tapping into the ATA's and Big Rigs' extensive network and reach," he said.

"We want to hear from all parts of the sector, including via this campaign which will feed directly into the review, and help ensure that the next iteration of the Heavy Vehicle National Law is fit-for-purpose."

So let's all get together to make a difference.

The NTC knows the HVNL in its current format isn't working, calling it "difficult to read and interpret, onerous for industry to comply with and difficult for the National Heavy Vehicle Regulator to administer".

Now is the time to speak up while we can.

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