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EXPERT ADVICE: Heather Jones offers tips on how to break into the industry .
EXPERT ADVICE: Heather Jones offers tips on how to break into the industry .

DESPITE the growing demand for drivers in the road transport industry, jobs aren't always something you can simply walk into, especially a good, reliable outfit.

We spoke to Heather Jones from the Pilbara Heavy Haulage Girls and, as someone who has trained numerous drivers, asked her to share her thoughts and top tips on securing a job in the industry.

  • Foster resilience

"I think resilience is a big point, especially as a woman," she said.

" You need to be up to the task and prepared for some people not to give you the best time.

"This could be from some old boys or even members of the public who are out to stereotype drivers because of what they hear in the media," she said.

  • Be persistent with companies

"Offer to work weekends, help out or wash trucks," Heather said.

"Odds are you aren't going to have the first door open to you so be ready for that.

"Unfortunately transport companies are still under the impression really good drivers grow on trees, and not made through training," she said.

  • Get in and help, don't stand back and let others do the hard stuff

"At the end of the day, people who get hands-on have a much higher chance of being picked," she said.

"Show initiative and get in there. Someone who wants to help is the first one to learn."

  • Have a great sense of direction, or learn how to map out a route

"Drop-off details aren't always specific, so when there is no phone service, no coverage, you really need to know your stuff," she said.

"Map out where you are going beforehand and always have multiple points of contact."

  • Learn basic mechanics

"Get to know how to fix things like tyres, lights and plugs," she said.

"You should be at a point where if you are in trouble you can at least ring a mechanic and explain what the situation is."

  • Bring new technologies and ideas to an ageing industry

"We have been doing it the same way for 100 years now but there is some excellent technology out there available to us. There isn't any harm in embracing that," she said.

  • Find a mentor


"Having someone with experience you can ring for advice is never a bad thing."

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