Ryan Morgan

YOUNG Ryan Morgan has only been trucking for six years.

The rig he gained valuable experience in was a Volvo F12 rigid doing local all over the city of Melbourne running for Minus 1.

Time has cracked on by and David steers a sharp looking Volvo FH 16 doing hauls interstate, while under the shed is a 600hp donk and is rallied up by a 12-speed Auto Shift transmission.

The cab rides on airbag suspension pulling a B- double FTE fridge van carting dry, chiller and freeze goodies.

Minus 1 is based in Dandenong in Victoria.

Ryan said he does Sydney legs as well Adelaide, both being good runs. Ryan said the Volvo FH is one comfortable truck, modern and the outside lines are swish looking too.

In terms of the roads he drives on, they are improving by bucket loads, Melbourne to Adelaide is somewhat needing vast amounts of attention and Melbourne to Sydney is average but it's getting there. He said it's good all towns are now bypassed.

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