YOGI ON PARKING: 'Respect people, respect'

PARKING is one issue guaranteed to get truckies talking.

And for good reason - the Australian government needs to pick up its act and make life easier for our transport industry.

That's a sentiment shared by Glenn "Yogi" Kendall, of Outback Truckers fame and regular Big Rigs Podcast contributor.

Yogi shares his thoughts in a segment called Five Minutes in a Parking Bay With Yogi, but for Episode 14, he also spoke out about the topic of parking, after the attention on a parking bay in Goomeri, in Queensland.


"The parking bay issue is a frustrating issue on so many levels," he said.

"(The) infrastructure is not there for parking bays and the places where you can get a decent feed, someone to relax and enjoy the surroundings is hard.

"There's only a handful of places that are quite good and you gravitate towards them."


While Yogi said he didn't know too much about the Goomeri issue as he is a Western Australia-based driver, he urged councils of communities - both small and large - to encourage trucks to park on the outskirts of their towns.

"With roadhouses becoming multi-national, the idea of having a small town with a decent roadhouse and somewhere to park up is a good thing," he said.

"Towns should be encouraging large facilities for trucks and caravans, overnight parking.

"If you've got a nice town that's got a nice bakery and a nice café and a nice roadhouse, you should be encouraging, as a town and a council you should encourage trucks to come into your town.

"Encourage an area on the edge of town, walking distance, that caravans and trucks and people can park overnight and it's free and it's safe and it's a nice part of the world.

"It should be on your list of priorities and if your authorities are jumping up and down, well they've got to understand that everything comes into town on a truck so there's got to be a two-way street.

"Respect people, respect."

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