Who's at your Chrissie table?

QUIET CHRISTMAS: Kermie and his wife Rita are in for a quiet Christmas at home this year.
QUIET CHRISTMAS: Kermie and his wife Rita are in for a quiet Christmas at home this year. GMVozd

CHRISTMAS Day at our home is going to be a little lonely this year.

Our Steve is still freezing his gonads off in London whilst Tom is heading over the ditch to New Zealand to polish up his accent with his Kiwi girlfriend.

"Sorry I can't join you for Christmus, Ded. I'll muss you but New Zelund is calling, ay.”

Our Nick is still in the country but the crap hours of hospitality make it unlikely that he will be able to join us either.

Having recently moved to Moo Town we don't know any other couples in the same boat so it's most likely me, my darling Rita, a bottle of Scotch and Kahlua and a very small turkey.

Maybe we could just scramble a couple of turkey eggs and top them with a dob of cranberry sauce.

But it's OK because we have each other and that will do me any time.

Got me thinking but, if we could go to someone's place for dinner who would it be?

I reckon that trucking family, the Cornwill boys would be near the top of the list. They know how to barbecue a feast and how to fill a 44 gallon esky with every type of drink known to man.

They are generous to a fault. They are also the nicest blokes and tight as a drum with each other.

Did anyone watch Family Food Fight on tele? As a rule I'm not into food shows with their mandatory bitchy couple thrown into the mix, but this show hauled me in. Particularly the Sharouks, a Lebanese Muslim family.

Apart from putting the Muslim faith in a positive light and showing the country that head scarves are really not that scary, these four sisters can cook!

I SO want to go to their place for dinner. I said to Rita that if I knew where they lived I'd stalk them for a feed.

Any Italian or Greek family would be good. Those folk know how to party!

Went to an Italian wedding once where they served 10 courses and gave out better gifts to the attendees than we gave them. They are so welcoming of you into their homes as well, in my experience.

Yep, I reckon Italian or Greek would be great. Barb Batton's home would be a great place for Christmas dinner.

A mate and I used to work at the same place as Barb's husband, Rocky. Barb decided that Pete and I could do with a good homemade nosh instead of the take-away crap we usually indulged in back then.

Now, I've eaten lots of great food in lots of excellent restaurants and homes around the country and overseas but that meal was right at the top of the list.

Thirty-five years later it still stands out in my mind. Remember the old adage, "No swimming for an hour after a meal”? I kept away from water for a week after Barbs fantabulous food extravaganza.

In the end we will do what we always do.

Rita will insist on her annual viewing of Elvis Presley's Blue Hawaii (no, I don't get it either), followed by Miracle on 34th Street.

We will cook up the full Christmas food shebang and I'll eat until I'm unable to stand and the leftovers will feed us for the next week or two. We'll ring our boys and profess our love for them - as we do every time we talk.

We'll be happy with our own company, and that's a blessing.

Whatever you're doing, whoever you are with, may the roads take you safely back to your loved ones and may your Christmas be full of love and joy.

Take care of you.

Kermie and Rita.

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