Who will get your vote?
Who will get your vote?

This is who the truckies want as Australia's next PM

WHILE the election is still a few weeks away, the truckies have spoken and it's clear who they want as their next Prime Minister.

And it's not Bill Shorten.

Big Rigs ran a poll on our Facebook page the day the election was announced and 84 per cent of our followers voted in favour for our current Prime Minister Scott Morrison.

Shane Kelly said, "anyone with any sense would vote for ScoMo".

"We seen what happened before with all the free handouts with the other mob".

Raymond Fuller was another who voted for the coalition. 

He said his vote would be "simply because they are good at economic management".

"Labor always leaves a deficit, plus massive interest repayments, so if it takes years to get the country back in the black," he said.

"I don't vote just what is good for me, I vote what is best for the people of this fantastic country that we live in.

"The minority parties are just out of control, the majority of the populations way of life without the necessary number of votes to justify their position.

"Please think before you vote for some personal issue that is what minority parties offer. Highly inflammatory agenda which is akin to fighting a fire with petrol."

But some said it didn't matter who won the election - it wouldn't be in anyone's favour.

Robin Webber said the Australian people will "not win no matter who gets in".

"Bill Shorten and his band will not get my vote. We need to have a government that will deliver effective money management so that our country will get back on it's feet," she said.

"Hopefully the experience and knowledge that the current team has will improve and grow to hurt hg (sic) we benefit our country's growth."

Peter Okkonen echoed her statement: "We are screwed either way".

But Peta Robson Smith was in fine form: "Give it 18 months at the most, there will probably be more in-fighting and we'll have another Prime Minister anyway".

Big Rigs

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