Whites make light work of trucks

FATHER AND SON OPERATION: Eddie and Eddie White from Allansford have a 27m public weighbridge in their backyard.
FATHER AND SON OPERATION: Eddie and Eddie White from Allansford have a 27m public weighbridge in their backyard.

Big Rigs' Graham 'Kermie' Harsant speaks to Eddie White Junior and Eddie White Senior.

Kermie: G'day mate, what can I do you for?

Eddie Jr: Well, you could send us some more copies of Big Rigs for one thing.

Kermie: Hang on, hang on. Who's us?

Eddie Jr: I'm Eddie White Junior and him over there, that's my dad, Eddie White Senior.

Kermie: Couldn't you just share the one copy?

Eddie Jr: We do - and we get more than one copy - but we don't get enough to go around Allansford.

Kermie: Where's Allansford?

Eddie Jr: It's a little town in south-west Victoria about 10km from Warrnambool. Dad and I have got a couple of trucks - Kenworths of course. Dad mainly runs it, moving hay and grain.

We used to have a fertiliser business, which we sold about four years ago. Since then I've been working carting milk, as well as giving Dad a hand on my days off.

What we've also got in our backyard, which is a bit unusual, is a 27m public weighbridge.

Kermie: Ahhh. Now I'm beginning to see where you're coming from.

Eddie Jr: That's right. We get a lot of truckies coming through and they know they can get a copy of Big Rigs from us, but there's not always enough to go around.

Eddie Sr: Too true! We can have up to 300 weighs a month. We're one of two registered weighbridges in the area. The other is so far out of the way, it's not funny. We're available 24/7. If somebody wants weighing at two or three in the morning, they ring us and we get up and do the job.

Kermie: Now that's good, old-fashioned service.

Eddie Sr: We'd like to think that it's second to none, and having Big Rigs there offers a bit of "value added" we reckon.

Eddie Jr: The drivers tell us that they take it back to their depots for others to read. So we just wanted you to pass on our thanks for sending copies down to us, but a few more wouldn't go astray.

Kermie: No, we should be thanking you for doing us a service. We know there's not a quid in it for you and without people like yourselves, where would we be?

Eddie Jr: No worries, Kermie. We're happy to spread the good word. If you can get us a few extra copies, we can spread it even further.

Kermie: Management take note!

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