Truck generic, Queensland,
Truck generic, Queensland, Big Rigs

What’s the issue in trucking?

IT'S NOT even the wage that's the real issue.

It's the fact they want someone to do 14 hour shifts, everyday interstate away from family or driving a truck 200 blokes will drive that week and not give a damn about it.

I've done my fair share of driving both interstate and local. Going places a B-double shouldn't go, waiting till the next morning because you got there at 4.05pm and they need at least an hour to unload you and they close at 5pm.

Being pushed to leave earlier or later than you wanted because the owner thinks he knows your body better than yours.

I've driven over 1.5<TH>million kilometres around Australia been used, taken for granted and 8/10 times paid late.

My whole 20s was looking out of window and sleeping in a bunk in the middle of nowhere. I'd rather stick to what I am doing now.

Driving a forklift for the same wage and choosing what hours and days I can and cannot work. Screw truck driving.

They all make it so grand to get you into the truck, and once you are in it - goodbye life, family and friends.

Michael Wregg

Big Rigs

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Tests would help all drivers

Tests would help all drivers

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Government role in driver shortage

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