DIFFERENT PERSPECTIVE: Truckie Damien Black is on a mission to help raise awareness on the roads.
DIFFERENT PERSPECTIVE: Truckie Damien Black is on a mission to help raise awareness on the roads. Contributed

What it's like in a truck cabin

IF YOU'RE perched up in the cab of a truck, you think you're on top of the world right? Wrong.

You might be up high, but that doesn't mean that you can see everything that's happening around you.

A video posted on Facebook recently by Perth-based truckie Damien Black shows precisely that.

The video shows exactly what Damien was seeing from inside his cabin - the bonnet of his truck and the line of traffic ahead of him.

But you can't see everything - which is what Damien was trying to raise awareness about. As the traffic ahead of him starts to move, a car that you didn't realise was there pops into your line of vision, previously in a blind spot at the front of the heavy vehicle.

That's what Damien said was surprising to viewers of the video who didn't know anything about driving in a truck - they don't realise that truck drivers can't see them.

"(I was trying to show) that cutting in front of a truck is not a good idea because visibility can be obstructed,” he said.

"It's the same as going down the left hand lane, you have to be careful of that too. It happens all the time, everyday.

"There's no truck driver that doesn't see that on a daily basis.”

While Damien said the best way to show people what it was like was to obviously take them for a ride in the truck, he understood that the logistics of such a feat meant it was too difficult.

"The power of social media is the next best thing to show people what we go through everyday and to show them so they don't make (those kinds of) mistakes because it's their lives on the line as well as our own.”

He said feedback has been pretty positive.

"Hopefully it will make people give trucks a bit more room. People are in a rush, they're so busy these days that they only think about the little box they're in.”

Damien, who has been in the trucking business for more than 20 years, acknowledged the recent boom of dash cam videos and while he mostly agreed it was a good thing, he pointed out the downfalls of the technology.

"People can't make a simple mistake without being crucified by the wider community and I think that's become a real bad thing from a human perspective,” he said.

"People make a small mistake and their crucified on places like Facebook. People do make mistakes.

"That's not what my video is about though, it's just to show awareness, not to crucify the car in front of me.”

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