Glenn "Yogi" Kendall at the Great Australian Bite.

What is the essence of being a truck driver?

"WHAT makes you get out of bed and keep going each day?"

That was the question Glenn "Yogi" Kendall posed during his latest segment on The Big Rigs Podcast, where he was talking about the "essence of interstate driving".

Yogi talked to us after he discovered The Great Australian Bite, on a night he described as one of the best of his trucking life.

"I was out on the Nullabor, did a solid day's driving. It was a good day; the sun was shining. I pulled up and I walked out for a bit - I try to be good and go for a walk. I walked about a (kilometre) or two into the scrub and then I ended up standing on the edge of the Great Australian Bite," he said.

"I thought, this is the life."

He enjoyed nature for a while before heading back into his truck, having some dinner (that his mum made him) and driving for a few more hours.


"It was one of the best trucking nights I've ever had," he said.

"What better way to show people what we do than to talk about this stuff.

"You gotta be in the moment. Yes, I've been away for a few weeks and will have a day off when I get home, but this is the essence. Be in the moment."

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