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What do you think about the new design rule requirement?

ATA chair Geoff Crouch claimed the Federal Government's decision to mandate stability control technology for a range of new trucks and trailers would save 126 lives and prevent 1101 serious injuries in the coming years.   

The new Australian Design Rules will apply to selected categories of new-model heavy trucks from November 1, 2020, and all new trucks in those categories from November 1, 2022.  

Readers weren't so keen on the change.   

Lewis Thompson: "You will never fix stupidity no matter what they introduce. Just maybe all these law, telling us when we sleep and when we can work Along with all the fines out there theses day. Is why all the old school drivers are leaving. How many people out there like going to work .Where a small error in a log book can cost you most . Of your weekly pay and they call it . All in the name of safety they say go figure that."  

Dakota Phoenix: "Think all this will do is have inexperienced drivers go flat<TH>out into corners because they will say 'hey we have technology to save me from rolling over'. Driver training and just slowing down can save a life. Ask anyone why they are in a hurry and, nine times out of 10, they can't answer you."  

Simon Westmore: "The problem is that the people making these recommendations and rules have no practical idea and very little understanding of physics in a physical application. I modify vehicles for a living and some of the things I have heard from qualified mechanical engineers have left me wondering how they get dressed in the morning."  

Graham Bundesen: "If you can't drive, none of this crap is going to help you. Training is the key and, if they can't be trained to a satisfactory level, then no licence. Not like it is now, where some people with an MC licence can't even drive a car safely yet they are licensed to and there would to drive a 165-ton quad that's 55 metres long."   

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