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Daryl Woolley Alf Wilson

What are Daryl's worst roads?

THE first truck Daryl Woolley drove was an eight wheeler Isuzu when he was employed by Dave and Christine Turner at Palmwoods.

But that was a long time and many kilometres ago for the now veteran truckie who drives a Kenworth 909 for Brown's Citrus of Gayndah.

The friendly 54-year-old was parked at the BP Cluden on Townsville's outskirts when I noticed his flashy Kenworth on November 7.

"I have brought up produce from Brisbane for Coles Supermarket stores and will be picking up tomatoes at Bowen for Sydney as a backload,” Daryl said.

Daryl has been a truckie for 37 years and rates the worst road he travels along as between Miriam Vale and Gin Gin.

"It is very rough but much of the Bruce Highway also requires care,” he said.

He is not on his lonesome there as many other drivers I have spoken to this year agree with him.

Daryl said he often transports eggs which could be classed as a fragile load.

"We also cart groceries out of Brisbane north. Browns Citrus Transport is one of the best company you could ever work for,” Daryl said.

Outside work Daryl likes watching cricket and camping at locations around the beautiful Sunshine Coast.

A passionate Cowboys supporter in the NRL, Daryl hopes the NQ side does well in the 2019 season after missing the finals series this year.

The side has been boasted by star players like Ben Barba and Nene Macdonald and had a bad run with injuries in 2018.

Like most truckies Daryl reckons there needs to be more rest area for trucks all around Australia.

"Some rest areas are not big enough for trucks and there needs to be more which are,” he said.

Daryl doesn't have an electronic log book but said he thinks "They are coming soon.”

On the new COR laws, Daryl said he didn't know a lot about them and added some drivers don't like them.

With his fair complexion I had to ask Daryl had he ever had sunspots burnt or frozen off or any skin cancers cut out by doctors.

"No,” he said which is testimony to the way he must have covered up over the years when subjected to the sun often.

A long time Big Rigs reader, Daryl said he often wondered how drivers got to appear in the famous road transport paper.

"Now that you are here I know how and it is good,” he said.

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