Life with Kermie Edition 1, 2020
Life with Kermie Edition 1, 2020

Welcome the Roaring Twenties

HAPPY New Year and welcome to the first issue of Big Rigs for 2020.

I hope that you all had a wonderful Christmas and that it was shared with loved ones.

2020 started of “roaring” in the worst sense of the term with bushfires decimating so much of the country.

I know there are readers out there who have suffered and lost property through these fires and our hearts go out to you.

There were/are those among you who were out fighting them and we can only say a massive thankyou to you.

You are all heroes in the truest sense of the word.

There were also those who were stuck behind the wheel so that the rest of us could enjoy all that Christmas offers, and again, a huge thanks to you as well.

Our Yuletide was fantastic in that we had two of our three lads, Tom and Nick, as well as Tom’s partner, Laura with us on the day for the first time in four years.

Presents passed around, too much food and quantities of various beverages’ were consumed. After a couple of days Nick headed off to enjoy some 4WDing with mates.

True to Nick’s form he struck overheating problems in the Paj on their first day in the bush.

His mate exclaimed that, “That’ll teach ya to buy a Pajero. Shoulda got a Hi-Lux!”

Well, Murphy doesn’t like anyone taking the piss and an hour later the Unbreakable Hi-Lux also carked its radiator.

Mate #3 – also the proud owner of a Hi-Lux – laughed until he was silly, until his radiator also succumbed to the heat. By my count that puts Hi-Lux 2, Paj 1.

The last we heard was that the boys had found a decent water hole and rigged up a snatch-strap as a rope swing.

At least Nick and his mates could stay cool in the blistering 40 degree heat.

Tom and Laura stayed on with us until New Year’s Eve and were happy to spend their days emptying my new bar fridge. Must point out that they also kept refilling it.

We spoke to Laura’s folks who live on New Zealand’s South Island and had a top temp on Christmas Day of 11 degrees.

Also face-called our Steve and Miki who were in Austria for Christmas Day. They were most grateful for the scarves Rita had spent many hours knitting for them.

I’d invited Laura’s dad, Chris to fly over and spend a day at the Boxing Day test with me – all expenses paid (apart from the airfare) thanks to the generosity of the good folk at Daimler Trucks.

He was cut that he couldn’t come but swears that he will next year if the offer is on the table again.

Life with Kermie Edition 1, 2020
Life with Kermie Edition 1, 2020

Given NZ’s performance it was just as well he stayed home.

With Laura’s family looking seriously at coming over next Christmas and our Steve also hinting that they may fly out from England as well, it’s looking as though we could have 11 of us around the dinner table then.

Accommodation will be fun, although Tom suggested all the young ‘uns could tent it.

That would be fun in 40 degrees, I commented until I remembered that I’ve got a decent aircon sitting in the shed that we could rig up for it.

Whatever, we’ll work it out and it’ll be a blast.

Looking at the backyard and the clear spot up near the fence and I’m thinking that a pool would fit quite nicely.

Without the wherewithal for an in-ground jobby I reckon a 6x3 (metre) aboveground poll would fit nicely.

That should handle 11 bods next summer.

Now to find a discard on e-bay at the right price and start levelling the yard in preparation – because that will take me most of the year.

We drove Tom and Laura home to Hooterville on New Year’s Eve with them stopping for celebratory provisions on the way. Arrived at their home and Tom points out that, as it was just the two of them celebrating, they should have stayed up with us. Hindsight is a wonderful thing.

At their place, Laura discovered another pressie send from our Steve via them.

We’d already gotten some beautiful Waterford tumblers in the mail. Setting up a bar on the back patio, I’d christened it ‘The MooTown Bar & Grill’.

The guys had a couple of bar mats made up for us with that printed on it. Loved ‘em!

Back home and Tom texts Rita, bemoaning their lack of aircon and missing our guest room pillows.

“Took mine outa the cover and it’s split in two,” he complains. “Where did you get yours?”

Rita takes him through the pros and cons of pillows – how long Kmart ones will last, how much Dunlopillo cost, etc, etc.

Tom’s rejoinder: ‘Adulting is hard!’

Welcome to our world, Tom.

Hopefully by the time this goes to print the fires will have eased, but I’m not holding my breath. So please …

Take care of you.


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