Hans DeRoyter

WE were up at the Epping Forrest Caltex Roadhouse and Truckstop the other day enjoying a cuppa and a bite to eat when we encountered the amiable Hans DeRoyter from Launceston (Hans left, Lorerie Nicholas right) when he rolled in driving an eye-catching "Quick Kart"1986 R-Model Mack with an E-7 Mack 400 up front and towing an empty dog trailer. He stood happily with our happy duty waitress, Lauralee Nicholls, by the iconic Bulldog and he said he was glad to be on his way home from Hobart where they have spent the last month re-sealing airport runways. He tells us he is pretty happy with life, spends his summers working for Quick Kart (sealing and asphalt) and joins the grey nomads for the winter, with a new caravan due in June. He likes the old Mack and loves the job, and always picks his Big Rigs up at Epping Forrest.

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