Les Jamieson

WE were having a very pleasant lunch at the Caltex 24 hour roadhouse "Mood Food" near Kempton when Les Jamieson from Hobart rolled in driving a Bidvest Food Service 2011 Fuso Fighter 10 fridge pan.

He had brought freight up for Mood Food from Hobart, and tells us he mainly does deliveries as far as Kempton and out to the Derwent Valley, and he has been with Bidvest for nine months and is loving the job.

He told us: "I am a chef by trade but I just got sick of being cooped up in one place cooking and decided to give something different a go.

"And it's great, I get out and about, have a look around and talk to people!

"They are a really nice crowd to work for and I love the truck, its so comfortable!"

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