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CHECK UP: Isn't it time to take your health seriously?
CHECK UP: Isn't it time to take your health seriously? Rob Wright

WHILE most Australians probably consider themselves relatively healthy, nearly half of us have at least one chronic health condition, while at least one in four of us have at least two chronic health conditions.

According to results published from a recent study into the Australian Burden of Disease, two thirds of Australians have either cancer, cardiovascular disease, mental disorders, musculoskeletal disorders/injuries or substance abuse.

The study also revealed at least one third of us could have avoided these conditions.

How is it that so many of us can be ill and dying in this century by something that is avoidable?

It is simple.

Despite all the hoopla, we continue to ignore the warnings.

We still continue to think that it won't happen to us and continue doing all the things we shouldn't anyway.

The Australian "she'll be right mate” attitude is actually, making us sick, and in some cases, killing us!

We have a total disregard for our health.

We just simply disassociate our health from the actions we take. When will we ever learn?

Many health conditions can be avoided by reducing their modifiable risk factors. These are the factors we know which have been linked to the cause of certain illnesses but more importantly they are the ones we can control.

Smoking and tobacco use contributes to 36% of respiratory conditions, 22% of cancers, 12% of cardiovascular diseases and 3.5% of endocrine diseases.

Obesity and having a high body mass index contributes to 49% of endocrine disorders (including diabetes), 27% of kidney/urinary conditions as well as 21% of cardiovascular diseases.

High alcohol use contributes to 20% of all injuries, 12% of mental disorders, four percent of cardiovascular and 3.8% of all cancers.

Thirty percent of all endocrine disorders and six per cent of all cancers can be attributed to a lack of physical exercise.

High blood pressure contributes to 31% of all cardiovascular disorders and 20% of kidney/urinary disorders.

By reducing our modifiable risk factors like smoking, alcohol consumption, obesity, lack of exercise and high blood pressure we are reducing the risk of getting a preventable chronic health condition. Isn't it time you started to take your health seriously?

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