Motorists are stopped at a checkpoint on the Gold Coast Highway at Coolangatta on the Queensland/NSW border.
Motorists are stopped at a checkpoint on the Gold Coast Highway at Coolangatta on the Queensland/NSW border.

We have not seen this before

WHAT a difference a world crisis makes!

Everyone finally sees our industry as essential.

Truck drivers, along with our farmers are keeping the country fed and supplied with necessities.

This is how it has always been but now people are actually noticing.

It will be interesting to see if this attitude extends beyond the coronavirus pandemic.

What we really need to think about as well as the economic and health repercussions of Covid19 is the mental health of our drivers and other essential workers who are under so much pressure at this time. We need to ensure our drivers are safe, have somewhere to eat and that hygienic facilities are available for their use. There have been major issues in the USA with truck stops closing and shippers not allowing drivers to use the toilets.

I have not heard of this happening during the last few weeks here but as the country closes down, if it does happen we need to call these places out.

We need to keep ourselves as positive as possible; yes, some people will die but most will recover and even more will never be infected.

Unfortunately, good news does not sell newspapers so the headlines will always have the worst-case scenario.

We just need to be careful, follow the rules as best we can and keep our spirits up.

Stop resending messages of doom and gloom; spread some happiness and laughter around because that is what people need (well apart from garages full of toilet paper apparently).

We have the major supermarket chains working collaboratively, our small businesses under great duress I would imagine with the closure of so many businesses by government and some workers laid off while others are being sent to work from home.

I am not sure how many of the businesses will survive, even with the stimulus packages. Many families will be stuck with each other for long periods of time and have to learn to cope with that, and quite a few of the workers may not want to return to the office when this is over so it may completely change the face of Australian offices.

Remote meetings are as annoying as always as they replace face-to-face meetings in all cases rather than the minority, at least in transport.

I like to meet with people wherever possible as then you know whether they are awake and/or concentrating without the “Are you still there? Who dropped out? Please put your phone on mute!” scenario as well as other things that happen on video calls that we would rather not be subjected to!

Let’s hope this crisis ends much sooner than everyone is predicting and we can get back to business as usual and go back to hanging out with our mates and visiting our old folk and others who need our attention.

Keep safe out there and we will get through this together.

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