WATCH: Truck escapes muddy trap thanks to ute drivers

IT WAS almost a boggy end for one lucky truckie, whose online SOS was spotted by a few Toowoomba lads. 

Sitting at home one afternoon Trent Nicholson of Queensland Diesel Service Toowoomba got a call asking him to help out. 

"My mate had seen the message online about this truck looking for help," Trent said. 

"I thought why not, we had done a few recoveries in the past," he said. 

Packing into his FJ45 Land Cruiser the pair managed to help the driver escape. 

"The guy had been out to drop off a load, and he wasn't getting much help as it was," Trent said. 

"The bloke was over the moon by the end, we might even catch up for drinks when we head up his way," he laughed. 

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