WATCH: Truck driver credited with saving lives in near-miss

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A MOTORIST who captured the heart-stopping moment a truck narrowly avoided crashing into a number of vehicles queued at roadworks on the Cunningham Highway has praised the truck driver's actions, crediting him with saving lives.

In footage recorded by Ron Bolton and posted to the Dash Cam Owners Australia Facebook page, the 64-tonne B-Double can be seen coming around a blind corner, only to be confronted by a queue of traffic that Mr Bolton later estimated to be about a kilometre long. 

The truck then swerved into the centre overtaking lane, avoiding the banked-up cars and narrowly missing several head-on collisions with oncoming traffic. 

"I thought he did an amazing job. There was a bit of luck in that," Mr Bolton said yesterday.

"He could have just ploughed into the back of everybody but he took a chance, I guess, going down the centre. When you see where he stopped from where the back of the traffic was, that's maybe 20, 25 cars. He was 64 tonnes - it was a big truck.

"And even at the speed it went by, it wasn't going very fast, but he just had so much momentum. I thought he needed a medal." 

The incident occurred on the eastern side of Cunningham's Gap on the Cunningham Highway on September 7.

"We just passed a 90km/h sign so I started speeding up, and then there was an 80km sign with roadworks, so just as I saw that, it was on that bend (that the cars were queued up), so I had to brake fairly hard to stop as well and then the cars were coming in behind me, and I thought gee... it's a blind corner." 

Mr Bolton said he tried to reach the truck driver on his CB radio but was unsuccessful. 

"He missed everybody including the cars that were going up (the range). It was incredible how close it was," he said.

"I spoke to the driver last night and he said he was coming down there, and when he put his foot on the brake there was nothing there.

"By some miracle everybody walked away." 

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