OPINION: Want to have a say? Try the Big Rigs survey

IF you haven't already noticed, we're running a survey to try and find out what you, the Big Rigs reader, wants.

We're not mind readers and don't get it right all the time - so here is your chance to tell us what we've done well and what we can improve.

And this leads me to recent comments on our Facebook page.

Looks like I managed to piss off one reader when I didn't include his favourite custom truck builder in Kool and Kustom.

I tried to explain that we'll have more features and will put them in, if they want to go in the paper, but that didn't make him happy.

And it seems I really offended him when I said I hadn't heard of the business at all.

Our advertising people had - they've been at Big Rigs longer than my three years. They had approached them for advertising.

While most of the trucks we featured were not paid for, a couple were added in at advertisers' requests, but only if they were a cool truck.

Well, Big Rigs is free after all and we rely on advertising support.

It just turned out none of the trucks I know of had been done by that particular business - so I was metaphorically shot on social media.

It wasn't pretty, it became a slinging match with comments tearing down all my experience at Big Rigs and before as a journalist - it was slanted at the fact I was a woman and that since I didn't know one particular business based in Victoria that I wasn't any good at my job. While I want your comments, there's the right way and the wrong way to tell someone you want something done better.

The right way is having your say in the Big Rig Survey online here or fill in the questions on page 18 and post them.

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