Vyza strap saves your phone, sunnies

HANDY SOLUTION: The VYZA Grab Strap keeps your belongings in place when driving.
HANDY SOLUTION: The VYZA Grab Strap keeps your belongings in place when driving. Carly Morrissey

AN AUSSIE company has tackled the burning issue of safe sunglass storage in the car by designing and developing the VYZA Grab Strap, and then quickly discovered it can be used to store a whole lot more than just sunglasses.

The VYZA Grab Strap began as a simple car visor-mounted storage solution to hold your sunglasses, but during the rigorous testing phase the team realised it could be used to hold a multitude of other items, such as mobile phones, garage door openers, wallets, pens and paper, credit cards, documents, and almost anything in-between.

This strap is fully adjustable, and incorporates three innovative silicone grip strips on the inner surface to ensure that whatever you need to stay in place will.

Big Rigs gave the strap a road test and found that it held up well.

The phone and the sunnies stayed in the holder even when driving, which was handy.

While developed for cars, this little gem could also be used in a truck, as long as the sunvisor is thin enough - having said that it was tight on the visor in the car.

The tightness is needed though - to keep your items at bay.

Gold Coast-based developer Jim Richards, who worked alongside Brisbane industrial design firm, Involve, to create VYZA said that sometimes the simplest solution to a problem worked the best.

"After 20 years in the eyewear industry, people kept telling me how they damaged their sunglasses in the car by sitting on them, or leaving them in the glove box or console, and I couldn't believe that no one had attempted a product to remedy this."

The developer said the new product is proving especially popular with people who spend a long time in their vehicles, like drivers of courier vans, buses, taxis and trucks, as well as emergency service workers and sales reps.

Not only are customers using their VYZA to hold an assortment of goodies in the car, they're also finding alternative uses for it, including keeping documents, iPads and mobile phones held together when travelling, holding snow skis together when walking with them, and one has even been used as an emergency dog collar.

You can buy one for $15, visit

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