Volkswagen puts the cap on servicing costs

Capped price servicing is now available across the Volkswagen range.
Capped price servicing is now available across the Volkswagen range.

ONE of the largest European car buyer stumbling blocks has been removed by Volkswagen.

The German car maker has introduced capped price servicing across its passenger vehicle range. 

The offer took effect from March 28. It's just in time for the launch of the Golf 7, which has been lauded in Europe for its performance and comfort. 

Volkswagen's capped price program was first introduced on the up! small car in October last year and is a vital component to the brand moving forward in Australia.

Aftersales issues were highlighted as a major point to improve during 2013, as the marque looks to consolidate its position this year.

Encompassing six years or 90,000km (whichever comes first), the Volkswagen Capped Price Service Program features one of the longest coverage periods in the market.

A scheduled service in the Volkswagen Capped Price Service Program includes the regular replacement of oil filters, engine oil and sump plug washer at each service interval, as well as the standard replacement of the air filter (at 45,000 and 90,000km) and spark plugs (every 60,000km). 

Capped Price Servicing will apply to all Volkswagen Passenger Vehicles sold through the Australian Volkswagen dealer network from January 1.  The program will also apply to up! sold since 6 October 6 last year, The Beetle vehicles sold since February 23, 2013, and will also include the Golf 7 once on sale from April 27.

Volkswagen capped price servicing.
Volkswagen capped price servicing.

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