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WAY TO MOVE: The 6x2 option is available for a variety of wheelbase options.
WAY TO MOVE: The 6x2 option is available for a variety of wheelbase options.

FOR the first time, UD Trucks has released an Australian OEM developed lazy axle kit suitable for its medium duty trucks, with the option now available for Condor series PK 17 280 models.

Fitted by the dealer, the kit is comprised of a complete hub to hub axle assembly, with all necessary air lines and suspension components.

Using the 6450mm "S" wheelbase PK 17 280 with larger factory inner chassis reinforcement as a donor vehicle, the lazy axle kit is installed and the truck is reborn into a 6x2 configuration.

With the extra wheels on the ground, rear axle load capacity is raised to 18,000kg, meeting the standard set by the 6x4 Quon models.

With a maximum legal rear axle load of 16,500kg, or 17,000kg with Road Friendly Compliance in Victoria, UD easily meets this challenge.

In addition to this, the GVM can be increased from 16,500kg to 23,500kg, with the standard larger air compressor. The PK 17 280 can also have the GCM upgraded to the maximum of 26,000kg on six-speed and 32,000kg on the nine-speed and auto models.

The move has come in response to demand from the local market, with engineering firms currently not having a solution for UD Trucks taper roller braking system, which was pressed into service with the new Condor models in 2011.

UD Trucks moved to this system following the success with the Quon models since 2002, with the superior control and activation speed of this system far superior to the previous "S-cam" arrangement.

Initially the kit will be available in two wheelbase configurations of 7110mm (16 pallet body) and 5790mm (12 pallet body), shortly to be joined by the popular 6710mm (14 pallet body) configuration.

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