SAFE RATES: The TWU is launching the most concerted push in its history to strengthen bargaining power.
SAFE RATES: The TWU is launching the most concerted push in its history to strengthen bargaining power. OLiver Strewe

TWU: Industrial action is coming

WE ARE putting companies, governments and Transport Workers' Union members on notice - 2020 is coming.

We are warning of widespread industrial action next year as our members step up their fight for better, safer jobs and seek accountability among the powerful, wealthy companies at the top of the supply chain.

Over the next year, our actions as officials will unite workers right across the airports and road transport industries.

We will launch the most concerted push in our union's history to strengthen our bargaining power and put safety and fairness at the heart of the transport industry.

It begins in New South Wales as we serve a claim from our aviation members on the Sydney Airport Corporation at its annual general meeting.

We will at a later date serve claims on the major transport companies.

Over the past five years, right across the TWU, 200agreements have been aligned to expire mid next year.

These agreements cover 38,000 workers.

This maximises the impact of our action, including the ability to engage in legal strikes.

The arrogance and incompetence of governments and some companies needs to be challenged, where they sit, just a bit too comfortably.

Our national secretary, Michael Kaine, will talk about our industry, saying "just because this government has been returned on a tight margin doesn't change the fact

that it has blood on its hands”.

"It has the blood of the drivers, the fathers, the brothers, the mothers, the sisters, the children among those killed needlessly and indiscriminately.”

By lifting the standards:

We can improve safety and dramatically reduce the number of deaths

Transport can be safe

We can make our industry fair

We are demanding that this government put in place a system of safe rates, including a watchdog to hold accountable those who directly or indirectly place pressure on transport to cut safety corners

We can ensure full-time, good-quality jobs that allow workers to support their families instead of constantly struggling

What it requires is industry-wide standards.

It demands safe rates of pay and conditions for every worker, every time

It means transport companies winning contracts because they prove they are a safe, responsible operator - not because they undercut their rivals

It means the top of the supply chain paying their fair share and being held to account

Together in the branch and sub-branches, what we are going to do is ensure transport workers win greater power.

Over the next year, I look forward to working with you all on building and running a successful fight that will make things better for all transport workers across New South Wales, and around the rest of Australia.

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