TruckWeek 2012 – be a part of it

TRUCKWEEK is on again for 2012, running from August 19-25.

The week will bring the trucking industry together to show Australia how we deliver.

Every trucking operator is invited to take part in TruckWeek, by holding an event in their local area and registering it on the TruckWeek website.

Holding a TruckWeek event is a great way to promote your business and the industry.

At the national level, the event includes:

 The national TruckWeek website packed with ideas, information and events

 A delegation of ATA member association presidents to Parliament House in Canberra, to press home your concerns to politicians

 Television advertisements about how motorists can share the road safely with trucks, placed by ATA member association NatRoad.

At the local level, a TruckWeek event could take many forms.

The TruckWeek website lists a wide array of event suggestions, and provides resources to help you carry out your event.

Host a politician

Why not invite your local mayor, councillors or state politician for a drive in a truck?

It will give them a chance to see the issues facing the industry and help them understand how to make your area more truck friendly.

Hold an awards


The trucking industry has some of the most dedicated employees in the country.

If you have a staff member who has driven millions of kilometres or given years of service to the trucking industry, why not recognise their achievements?

Hold a small ceremony, present a TruckWeek achievement certificate and even invite the local paper.

Hold a barbecue

Why not find a nice public place, shine up some trucks and put some sausages on the hot plate?

Holding a free barbecue will build ties between your business and the local community, encourage them to understand the important role of our industry and enable you to pass on some road safety tips.

Once you have planned your event, register it on the TruckWeek website to make it an official TruckWeek event.

Sign up for the @TruckWeek twitter feed or subscribe to the weekly Friday Facts newsletter to stay updated on TruckWeek events around the country.

Don't forget to have a look through the events listing for other events in throughout your local area.

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