Trucks form a convoy for kids

Jayne Denham with The Ferret John Moran and Margo Moran.
Jayne Denham with The Ferret John Moran and Margo Moran. Carly Morrissey

SOME 243 trucks took part in this year's Brisbane Convoy for Kids along with 35 utes.

While the money is still being counted, Brisbane Convoy for Kids treasurer Leanne Dinning previously said the 2014 convoy hoped to raise up to $70,000.

"This is the fifth year in a row that Brisbane Convoy for Kids has been run in its current format but Australia's first Convoy for Kids was actually run in Brisbane 24 years ago," Leanne said.

As in previous years, there will be several beneficiaries of the 2014 convoy including the Redcliffe and Beenleigh Special Schools, Riding for the Disabled, and a two-year-old boy named Braxton from Dalby whose grandfather, Shayne Coyne, is a regular driver at Convoy for Kids.

"Braxton has a brain tumour and he needs to go to the US for special treatment," Leanne said, "We're hoping to help with some of the travel costs. He's a great little kid and we just want to do our bit to help."

Again this year, Barry Land led the convoy after a close battle with five other contenders.

Andrew McSweeny who has donated his time to the convoy for the past five years gave country music singer Jayne Denham a lift in his Ned Kelly truck.

"It's a good cause, the money goes directly to help the kids," he said.



A:         Best Prime Mover under 1 year - 3 places sponsored by Roadteam
3rd  place -  Shayne Coyne  - HHA
2nd place - Shaun Rashleigh
1st place - Malcolm Mackay  - Mackays Furniture

B:         Best Prime Mover 2008-2013 - 3 places sponsored by CSR Bricks and Roofing
3rd place - Shayne Coyne - HHA
2nd place - Ben Lightbody  - HHA
1st place - Gary Rose - HHA

C:         Best Prime Mover 2001-2007 -3 places  sponsored by Roadteam
3rd place - Jamie - Troy Hoswell Transport
2nd place - Russ - Troy Hoswell Transport
1st place - Glen Gimm  - Rock on Haulage

D:        Best Prime Mover 1990-2000 - 3 places  sponsored by Carriage Bulk Haulage
3rd place - Scuzzy - Scuzztrans
2nd place - Jon Kelly - HHA
1st place - Igor Gedri

E:         Best Vintage Truck 1989 and older (Prime Mover or rigid) - 3 places Sponsored by Professionals Redcliffe
3rd place - Jason McCliskie - HHA
2nd place - Brett Hornby - Hozzi Tranport
1st place - Chris Jordan - HHA

F:         Best Custom Paint - 3 places sponsored by PJs Custom Paint
3rd place - Andy Soutar
2nd place - Chris Jordan - HHA
1st place - Glen Gimm - Rockin On Haulage

G:         Best Day Cab - 3 places  sponsored by Allrite Mate Pilot Service
3rd place - Deen Groundwater
2nd place - Night Life Transport
1st place - Murray Croft - Paddo and Sons

H:        Best Rigid - 3 places Sponsored by M&M Carriers
3rd place - Graeme - Harveys Towing
2nd place - Justin Carriage - Carriage Bulk Haulage
1st place - Malcom Mackay - Mackays Furniture


I:          Best Tipper - 3 places  Sponsored by Roadteam
3rd place - Christopher Glover - Simons Earthworks
2nd place - Dene Davis - Simons Earthworks
1st place - Justin Carriage - Carriage Bulk Haulage

J:          Best Owner/Driver - 3 places Sponsored by Nelson Exhaust
3rd place - Paul Patterson - Paddo and Sons
2nd place - Scuzzy - Scuzztrans
1st place - Jon Kelly - HHA

K:        Best Chick Rig - 3 places  Sponsored by Roadteam
3rd place - Shenal Barrett - Rod Trucking
2nd place - Kristy Cullen - Ipswich Pro Drive
1st place - Juanita Clark -

L:         Best Recovery Vehicle - 3 places Sponsored by Barnes Towing and Salvage
3rd place - Daniel Bethune - Knights Heavy Towing
2nd place - Gavin Ruska - Knights Heavy Towing
1st place - Trevor Cherry

M:        Best Bus/Coach - 1 place  Sponsored by Yvette D'Ath
1st place - Lee - Doyles Coaches

N:        Best Decorated Truck - 3 places Sponsored by OnHighway Electronics
3rd place - John Fels - M&M Carriers
2nd place - Matthew Dabrowski
1st place - Andy - Gumdale

O:         Longest Distance Travelled - 1 place  Sponsored by Brisbane Convoy for Kids
1st place - John Talan - Kennedy Trailers

P:         Best CAT truck - Sponsored by Hastings Deering
3rd place - Matt Davis - Hastings Deering
2nd place - Michael - Hastings Deering
1st place - Benkamine Brown - Brigam Road Tank Haulage

Q: Best Kenworth - 3 places Sponsored by Brown & Hurley
3rd place - Shayne Parnell
2nd place - Malcolm Mackay - Mackays Furniture
1st place - Igor Gedri


R:         Best DAF - 3 places Sponsored by Brown & Hurley
2nd place - Adrian Evans - Cypress Mulch
1st place - Brett - Crane Trucks R Us

S:         Best Night Lights - 3 places  Sponsored by LightForce
3rd place - Tony Washband
2nd place  - Shane Carr
1st - Andy Pel - Gumdale Demolitions
T:         Best Fleet (3 or more trucks) - 3 places  Sponsored by Colpak
Heavy Haulage Australia

U:         Largest Fleet - 1 place  Sponsored by Trophy World
Major Training Group

V:        People's Choice - 1 place   Sponsored by Roadteam
Ned Kelly - Scuzztrans

W:         Truck of Show - 1 place  Sponsored by Professionals Redcliffe
Chris Jordan - HHA

X:        Encouragement Award - 1 place Sponsored by Wally Loweke
Troy Cartwright



A:         Best Street Ute - 3 places Sponsored by Ipswich Antenna Service
3rd place - Adina McCarthy
2nd place - Peter Jolly
1st place -  Mitchel Yore

B:         Best Chicks Ute - 3 places  Sponsored by Professionals Redcliffe
3rd place - Ree Lister
2nd place - Emily Sweeney
1st place - Karen McCann

C:         Best 4WD Ute - 3 places  Sponsored by  Countrywide Embroidery
3rd place - John Clark
2nd place - Ree Lister
1st place - Emily Sweeney

D:        Best Trade/Work Ute - 3 places Sponsored by  Clothes Hoist Repair Service
3rd place - Wayne Bramwell
2nd place - Shorty Higgins
1st place - Emily Sweeney
E:         Best BNS Ute - 3 places Sponsored by Retracom
3rd place - Mick
2nd place - Kelly Donnelly
1st place - Amanda Featherstone

F:         Best Feral Ute - 3 places Pending De Vere Solutions
3rd place - Mark Ward
2nd place - Kev Herrmann
1st place - Tex

G:         Best Night Lights - 3 places Sponsored by  Pamelas Gifts
3rd place - Brandon Albury
2rd place - John Clark
1st place - Emily Sweeney

H:        Best Classic Ute - 3 places Sponsored by Lighthouse Hotel
3rd place - Renee McSweeney
2nd place- Lorraine Larder
1st place- Tony Gibbs

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