The ATA supports the review
The ATA supports the review Derek Barry

Trucking industry welcomes oversize overmass permit review

THE trucking industry has welcomed the Australian Government's announcement of a review into the process for issuing oversize/overmass truck permits. 

The Deputy Prime Minister and Minister for Infrastructure and Transport, Michael McCormack, announced the review on Friday. 

The Chair of the Australian Trucking Association, Geoff Crouch, said the long delays in issuing OSOM permits were blocking growth and investment in the Australian economy, with trucks, goods and equipment tangled in red tape at the roadside. 

"Trucking operators that move oversize and overmass loads - such as mining and construction equipment and material - need special permits to use the roads," Mr Crouch said.

"But there are lengthy delays. We estimate that the trucking industry wastes 4.5 million days per year waiting for approvals.

"For example, it can take more than 80 days to get a permit to transport OSOM steel products on the Transurban tollways in Melbourne, because the Transurban and NHVR processes do not work in parallel.

"A company seeking to move OSOM mining equipment from the Pilbara to Weipa waited more than 100 days for a permit to move the equipment by road through Queensland. In the end, the company transported the equipment to Darwin by road and then barged it to Weipa.

"I want to thank Michael McCormack for recognising the importance of this issue and commissioning the review, which will be led by Pascal Felix, a former heavy vehicle regulator from Western Australia.

"It's a great appointment. Pascal knows our industry and understands the government processes involved in issuing permits. He will be supported, as well, by an expert reference group that will include trucking industry representatives."

Mr Crouch said the review showed the value of joining an ATA member association.

"The ATA and our associations, including the Western Roads Federation, NTRTA and the Tasmanian Transport Association, campaigned for this review because of the concerns raised by their member operators.

"If you want results, join an ATA association," he said.

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