Scott Witherspoon

AT THE tender age of just 21, Scott Witherspoon is one of the youngest truckies around the country.

Scott drives an Isuzu FVR 950 Sitec 275 Turbo Cooled light rig for Wulguru Steel of Townsville.

Big Rigs saw Scott on March 14 at the giant BP Cluden Roadhouse in North Queensland.

"I have to take a container to the Northern Territory and I have been four times to Mount Isa," he said.

A Broncos supporter in the NRL, Scott was delighted to be offered a job as a driver after recently completing his apprenticeship as a diesel mechanic.

"I have a HR licence at the moment and in the future I'd like to drive the heavier trucks," he said.

A successful angler, Scott likes dropping a line in the Haughton River.

"There are a lot of older drivers in the industry and I am happy to be given a go as a younger one," he said.

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