Lawrence Ketchup

IT is doubtful if your Big Rigs correspondent has seen a busier truckie in a day than Lawrence Ketchup.

For the past two years Lawrence has driven trucks for the Palm Island Shire Council.

When Big Rigs visited Palm Island on October 19, Lawrence had made 10 pickups from near the Reel Women jetty in an International Acco 1850e.

"Yes I have been very busy today and I pick up a variety of loads from near the terminal to take to the Council depot," he said.

When Lawrence had his picture snapped he had a load of wire meshing to be used for fencing.

"I love it here on Palm Island and get to drive different trucks," he said.

Nearby a barge worker Clint Barry was driving a forklift and described Lawrence as a fabulous worker.

"He is always busy," Clint said.

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