John ‘Johnno' Morris

A TRADEMARK of friendly John 'Johnno' Morris is his wide-brimmed hat. The 55-year-old John drives a 2007 Freightliner with a 550hp Cat-15 engine for Denray Transport of Goondiwindi.

John had just changed a tyre when Big Rigs saw him on a quiet October 21 Sunday morning.

"I wear the big hat because I have had some skin cancers cut out and would urge all others do so," he said.

John had hauled NQX material from Adelaide to North Queensland's Townsville where we saw him at the BP Cluden.

We just had to ask John what The Wife sign at the bottom of the bar on the front of the truck was all about.

John was a bit coy about the origins but from the drift of the conversation it seems another driver has been married three times.

His favourite roadhouses are the Little Topar near Broken Hill and the Caltex Yunta in South Oz.

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