Truckin' in the Tropics: Nadine Martens

Nadine Martens
Nadine Martens Alf Wilson

HAPPY female truckie Nadine Martens has volunteered to work during the festive season.

The 49-year-old drives a Kenworth 401 for Cement Australia and is based at Gladstone.

She told Big Rigs the reason why she wanted to work at Christmas when we yarned to her about 6am on November 25.

"Most of my family are in Melbourne and I have holidays to go and see them in February so I volunteered to work over the break,” she said.

Nadine has been a truckie for 14 years and with Cement Australia for the past four.

"I love it and get plenty of opportunities and meet lots of people,” she said.

When on the road, Nadine likes stopping at the BP Cluden on Townsville's outskirts.

She dislikes driving along the Leichhardt Hwy.

Nadine said she hadn't made a new year's resolution.

"There is no use because then I can't break any resolution,” she said.

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