Truckin' in the Tropics: Gerry Netter

DRIVING trucks has always been a passion for Gerry Netter, who, at age 60, is getting back into it.

Townsville based Gerry has a HR licence and drove for a decade until a few years back when he switched to concreting.

Now the itch to get back behind the wheel again has hit Gerry, who has started applying for drivers jobs.

"I used to work for Roorda driving, an International tipper, and also for another company and it was a great time. Now I just want to drive again,” he said.

Superfit Gerry rides a pushbike around town and keeps trim working out at Sharkey Hughes' Boxing Gym.

Sydney-born Gerry arrived in Townsville back in 1978 when he joined the Army and has stayed since.

"I was in the Army for five years and love the place here,” he said.

Gerry hopes his age won't influence his job prospects.

If anybody wants a fit driver, he wants to hear from them.

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