Truckin' Around: Gavin Hughes

Gavin Hughes
Gavin Hughes Jonathan Wallis

IT WAS such a pleasure during our trip to the Big Island to catch up with old friends and make new ones along the way.

At Port Wakefield we were happy to catch up with Gavin Hughes from Adelaide when he pulled over for a refreshment break.

He was driving a CEVA 2010 TGX 18.400 MAN at the time and towing a car carrier and was on his way from Adelaide to Port Lincoln and then return.

"This has been my regular run, Adelaide to Port Lincoln and Roxby Downs since last November, and I might add that in addition to really enjoying the job and the MAN (a very comfortable European truck to drive), I am also enjoying not owning a truck of my own with all those well-known problems,” he said.

"I spent 20 years or so subbing for Patricks (hello to my old mate Harry) and at this point in time it is all good, especially in weather like this.”

For time off, Gavin has 3.5 acres at Two Wells and that takes care of that.

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