Truckie's wife's words strike chord with our readers

This letter resonated with our readers.
This letter resonated with our readers. Kirstin

"IT IS one of the deadliest jobs in Australia and through marriage I am connected to it."

That was the opening sentence to a letter by Samantha Wantling, a truckie's wife. Her sentiments struck a chord with others in the industry.

Bev Matthews: "Keep sharing I'm sure the trucking community is big enough to make this go viral, which will in turn put it into the media. Maybe this is away for wife's/partners/ families members can make these suits stand up and take notice. See how they go crossing fingers their family member comes home safe each week. Not to mention the level of bowel cancer amongst this community why cause no decent toilets at regular intervals and proper meals available where they CAN stop."

Mick Wilson: "Well said, if the Police, EMS and politicians died at the rate we do there would be an uproar and an enquiry by the highest court in the land."

Bron Hawkins: "Well said, I have always said that everyone that has never seen hands on what our men as drivers do should spend a week or more in the truck then they'll understand what the truckies deal with."

Ann-Marie Hicks: "As the wife of a road train operator I agree 110%."

Patricia Lodding: "God bless all the truck drivers + wife + family may you all keep safe + keep the shinny side up bless all truckies"

Deb Parlett: "Well said. As a truckies wife I agree and understand. We can only hope someone listens."

Robert Chatfield: "Well said. As a driver myself I wonder if I am going to make it home after a trip. Changes need to be made on a lot of aspects."

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