Sheppard Transports' Western Stars.
Sheppard Transports' Western Stars. Graham Harsant

Truckies share Spirit of the Hume at Broadford

IT'S one truck show after another here in Victoria.

In this instance, the HCVC jumped the gun on the ATHS Lancefield show by a week, holding its third annual Spirit of The Hume bash at Broadford, a town that used to be traversed by the old Hume Highway.

Organised by the "Mayor of Broadford”, Archie Baines, this show, as at Lancefield a week later, was well attended by a bunch of truckies intent on

swapping tales tall and true as they whiled away the weekend.

And as usual, members from both clubs supported each other's event.

Given the cost of fuel, some of these blokes must have deep pockets, or maybe a big credit card limit.

It is a pleasure to watch a family arrive at these shows with their excited kids just wanting to get up close and personal to big and not-so-big rigs.

When the owner says - and they all do - "jump in if you want.”

These boys and girls fall over themselves to be the first into the cab.

Perhaps this is where our next generation of truckies will come from.

These events do wonders for trucking public relations and as I departed, I spied more than one person along the highway with a camera in hand, grabbing a shot

of a piece of trucking history.

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