Truckie's message: Stop using the word 'strike'

Dave Sweeney shared his thoughts in a video on Facebook
Dave Sweeney shared his thoughts in a video on Facebook

TRUCKIE Dave Sweeney has a message to all who are thinking about going on strike.

"Get this idea of a strike out of your head," he said in a video her shared on Facebook. 

"(The word) 'Strike' just puts the general public offside. Let's just say we pick the second week in December, either have a holiday or go to the doctor and get a certificate for being sick for a week - just don't go to work.

"Let's just have a week off and see what happens.

"Then once that happens, the politicians will wonder what's going on because we've made no demands, we've not yelled and screamed and blocked the roads and carried on.

"They'll start asking truckies why?

"You don't have to be angry and jump up and down and be brain dead and block the roads, block this and block that.

"Be smart, spend a week at home with your families. All of you truckies are too busy pointing the finger at someone else when the answer, my friends, is with us.

"We hold the balance of power in this industry if we choose to use it."

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