Truckies bid farewell to 'much-loved icon'

Freightliner Argosy
Freightliner Argosy David Meridith

FREIGHTLINER Australia has announced the current generation Argosy model will not be replaced. Instead, they announced the new Cascadia truck.

Big Rigs social media followers shared their thoughts on the "much-loved icon".

Paul Warren: "Well unlike many I actually like the Argosy. For a big bloke like me there is plenty of room. Especially in the drivers seat. Plus I drive a 110-inch cab and its all bed behind the seats in the one I drive, which is bloody comfortable. Not to mention that I can walk from the drivers seat to bed without ducking my head or climbing over anything. And let's not forget the steps for an old bloke with bung knees, ankles and back like me."

Craig Tesch: "Cascadia is a bonneted truck, how will they compete in a market where short wheelbase and big cabs are dominant."

Simon West: "Volvo lost out when they stopped making XXL Globetrotter and now Freightliner are going to go down that same path... It's will be a shame to see gone."

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