Truckies beg holiday makers: 'Don't park in our rest areas'

"EVERY holiday season the same occurs, every holiday season the truckie is told he is rude, every holiday season the truckie is blamed for an accident, every holiday there are fatalities, every holiday season the same thing - holiday makers/caravanners are parking in the designated truck only parking bays."

It's the Easter holidays and truckies are fed up to here with the attitudes of every other motorist on the roads.

Transport Accident Report - Australia Wide took to Facebook over the weekend to remind people not to park in truck only parking bays this holiday season.

"There are designated parking bays at roadhouses/service stations and roadside parking bays for a reason," the post read.

"Don't do it people, if you want the truckie to be courteous, if you want him to manage his fatigue as clearly stated by the law, then simple, don't park in the designated bays.

"The same old excuse about we don't have anywhere to park does not wash when it comes to the life and death about a truck driver due to not being able to legally manage his fatigue because of other people's blatant disregard."

The post was shared almost 300 times and many social media users commented with their two cents.

John Bennett said there were "so many views on this" and that he completely understood the "plight of our heavy distribution haulers in trying to easily find a designated place for them to rest for not only our safety but theirs as well".

"So many trucks needing to park in at different times of the day in these allocated areas. Just be aware when you are driving trekking and need to rest, that you need to make sure there's a lot of room for many trucks to park safely.

"Designated rest stops, especially at road houses mainly were adapted for truckers. Have some courtesy and understanding!"

Kristelle Mann labelled it "totally inappropriate behaviour from drivers".

"On the other hand, not condoning it, but it also goes down to rude car drivers who park in the trailer parking area, leaving those of us pulling campers and caravans nowhere to park!

"Hence why some go to the truck area. Absolutely no reason for cars to be parked in truck areas, but the rest of us towing also have the problem of lack of parking areas and disrespect from discourteous drivers.

"What it does boil down to is courtesy, which lacks a lot on the roads unfortunately!"

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