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MAKING A DIFFERENCE: Truckie Daniel Vorbach is ready to take on the Swap It Don’t Stop It Challenge.
MAKING A DIFFERENCE: Truckie Daniel Vorbach is ready to take on the Swap It Don’t Stop It Challenge.

TRUCKIE Daniel Vorbach is ready to change his life for the better.

The Ipswich local has just signed up for the Queensland Times 12-week Swap It Challenge, as part of the Government's Swap It Don't Stop It program.

When Big Rigs asked Daniel how long he had been a truck driver he said "some would say too long".

"Since I left school. I'm 35 now," he said.

And weighing in at 155kg he is ready to get his health back. Daniel's goal weight is 100kg.

At school he played rugby league and cricket, but started to put on weight when he started working full-time and stopped playing sport.

And when he quit smoking the weight really started to pile on.

"I decided to take on the challenge for my health. I am worried about the future," he said.

But he realises it is not going to be easy.

As a truck driver who does the midnight to midday run, it can be a challenge to eat healthy food.

"There's a lack of decent food available. And if the food is decent, there's nowhere to park. You're forced into truck stops that are full of Maccas and KFC," he said.

Daniel said during the day there was hardly a car park at truck stops as local drivers dropped off their trailers, which took up valuable parking spots.

A solution, he said, would be more healthy food options - but they need to be quick and cheap, like a ready-to-go salad roll.

The challenge starts in a couple of weeks but Daniel isn't waiting, he's already started swapping bigger meals for smaller ones. And his wife is excited. She is starting the Michelle Bridges 12-Week Body Challenge.

Daniel hopes to inspire more drivers to get healthy.

You don't have to do the challenge to sign up for the program. Head to and start making healthier choices today.

According to Diabetes Queensland almost 60% of adult Queenslanders were overweight or obese last year.

If current trends continue Diabetes Queensland predicts 3.7 million Queenslanders - 65% of the state - will be overweight or obese by 2020.

Through the Swap It Don't Stop It campaign, Diabetes Queensland is calling for people to switch unhealthy habits for healthy ones.

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