Truckie scrutinised over social media

THE debate as to what went wrong when a driver recently got stuck when he realised his vehicle was too high for a Sydney bridge is still ongoing.

We still don't know if he got his licence in Australia, or if he was able to convert it from another country.

While he didn't enter the country on a 457 visa, he is a temporary citizen according to the Immigration Minister.

Whether he needs more training or just made a mistake has been scrutinised on social media, with some calling for the government to mandate regular refresher courses and crack down on training organisations.

On the Big Rigs Facebook page, Andrew McMurray said Scotts needed to "lift their game".

Christian Hargreaves said: "Subbie or not, Scott's would still be required to make sure the driver was eligible to work in Australia, and failure to do so would be a breach of COR, in my opinion, especially since they were their trailers."

Guido Torelli said: "The driver is / was on a 457 working visa and has a Qld driver licence and is driving truck since 2014. It has nothing to do with Scotts, only with the licence department in Qld."

Kenneth Powers disagreed: "He could have the licence since 2014 and probably drove short stints or never bothered to drive up until now.

"The fact he has a licence is wrong but is so easily obtainable in certain locations around Queensland," he added.

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The transport company is at fault, they should have hired better subbies.


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The government needs to make it harder to get a licence.


More companies should be giving people work experience before they can get a job driving.


There should be a driver apprenticeship in order to drive a truck.


It is no one's fault but the driver himself.


The government should make refreshers mandatory for companies employing drivers and subbies.


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Other comments posted on Facebook included:

Ann Waterhouse: "Stop giving these idiots driving jobs when there are experienced Australian drivers looking for work. Bloody pollies start working and thinking of the Australian people that put them into their jobs."

Malcolm Parkinson: "Scotts are right, they can't track the prime mover but they can track there own trailers no matter who is pulling it. At [the] end of day it's called chain of responsibility and Scotts is at fault as are the subby and the drivers."

Paul May: "The scary thing is that these same incompetent idiots are driving towards us at 100km an hour every night."

Glenda O'Bree: "Scotts can deny all they want, it won't change the fact that they are using subbies without checking their credentials..."

Gavin Brown: "I hope the business that passed him out with a MC licence also get looked into.

"Sometimes these private testing and licensing businesses are government funded, so the more people they get through, the more money they make.

"This needs to be policed somehow."

Meanwhile a fellow truckie leapt to the drivers' support, posting a video on Facebook saying anyone could have gotten into a similar situation.

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