RMS defected a truck and trailer after Rosehill crash
RMS defected a truck and trailer after Rosehill crash

Truck, trailer, defected after Rosehill crash

ROADS and Maritime Services defected a truck and trailer after a crash at Rosehill yesterday.

Police said the crash happened shortly before 11.30am when a 52-year-old driver from Hazelbrook drove a single articulated heavy combination, a white Volvo prime mover, towing a trailer in a westerly direction on Prospect St.

Police said the trailer was originally built with a steerable rear axle group, however the steering capacity had been disabled through disconnection and welding of the hydraulic steering ram and welding of the locking pin to keep it in place.

At the time, it was loaded with some three tonnes of sheet roofing metal for delivery to a nearby building site in Harris St at Harris Park.

Upon reaching the intersection of Alfred St, police said the driver made a right turn, with the trailers axle group travelling directly across the roundabout, which is constructed to allow larger vehicles to make such movements.

"As the nearside trailer wheels came down from the roundabout back to the roadway, the trailer has twisted laterally with sufficient movement to dislodge the locking pin from its housing on the underside of the trailer," NSW Police Force Traffic and Highway Patrol Command wrote on their Facebook page.

"This has released the triaxle group which continued to travel to the nearside. The now uncontrolled rear portion of the combination (trailer) has mounted the western footpath, colliding with and completely destroying a telephone booth, before colliding with a wooden telegraph pole and a silver Mazda sedan, before coming to rest against the rear of the Mazda, with the snapped telegraph pole and live wires fallen and others under strain."

Police and emergency services attended the scene which was cordoned off awaiting personnel from Endeavour Energy. RMS personnel were also called and attended.

The heavy vehicle was inspected by RMS and Police, where the abovementioned scenario was determined.

The inspection of the locking pin revealed its height was not sufficient to hold the axle group in place for the movement as described.

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