TOP SHOW: Kermie recently attended the ATHS third annual truck show at Lancefield (Vic).
TOP SHOW: Kermie recently attended the ATHS third annual truck show at Lancefield (Vic). Graham Harsant

Truck shows banish blues

I JUST love truck shows and it's not only for the grand displays of rolling metal, but also because of the people who bring their wheels to these events.


Take the recent ATHS do I attended.

Here are a bunch of guys and gals from all over. They represent a cross section of humanity.

There would've been Liberal and Labor voters but politics wasn't mentioned once over the weekend.

There were the obviously rich - you can't put some of those trucks back on the road without an awful lot of money - and there were the strugglers.

Some don't own a truck but love the industry so much that they join the club to rub shoulders and glean information from those that do.

As I walked around there were small groups of blokes entrenched in animated conversation with each other - the latest addition to their truck, where to find a hard-to-get part, how well the old girl goes and so forth.

Members of the public sidled up to these groups to listen with fascination to their stories of trucks and the road.

Every time, these people were invited into the conversation with open arms.

Owners would take obvious delight in showing someone over their truck which may have been pristine and then in answer to some question or other, would point them in the direction of some rusty old banger. "Fred over there will be able to tell you. Make sure you ask him about the history of his KW. It's a great story."

There would be more characters in the trucking industry I reckon, than just about any other profession and you'll never find more of them in one spot at one time than at a truck show.

When things are getting you down, go to a truck show - it's sure to wash away the worries of your life for a while at least.

We arrived home from the latest truck show to the usual pile of mail - all with windows in them of course.

Car reg renewal, electricity bill, rates instalment, etcetera.

One from my life insurance company informed me that my payments had gone up by $20 a month without any increase on my life cover.

The next letter from Medibank Private also had a $20 monthly increase.

Medibank are promoting packages for young people at the moment which promises to save them money.

For example, don't be covered for hip surgery and save.

Why don't they offer deals for we older folk? Rita's not going to get pregnant. I'm certainly not about to try bungee jumping.

By the time we need a knee replacement we'll have dropped out because we can't afford the rates and 30 years of membership will have gone down the drain.

Perhaps I should have both knees and hips done now just to get my money's worth.

Guess life's worries are back with a vengeance!

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