Baldwin Filters offers high-quality filter kits to keep servicing simple and save your engine from unnecessary wear and tear.
Baldwin Filters offers high-quality filter kits to keep servicing simple and save your engine from unnecessary wear and tear.

Truck servicing made simple

WHEN it comes time to service your truck, convenience and quality are key, but the two don't often go hand in hand.

Baldwin Filters gets it, and as a manufacturer of high-quality filters for heavy-duty American-made engines like Mack, Kenworth, Cummins, they have you covered.

They're also convenient, because they're a manufacturer that offers filter kits to make servicing quick and simple.

They understand the need for quality filtration to protect your prized investment, as well as the advantage of having a complete kit available to service your truck.

Baldwin's Mack, Kenworth and Cummins Kits are designed to keep your most important asset on the road - moving and protected from harmful containments.

With their Mack Kit, the main oil filter, B76, is proudly Made in USA, since 1936 and as with all their oil filters, they are manufactured to meet or exceed the OE specifications established by engine manufacturers.

The BF7656 and BF7657 fuel filters are also there to ensure clean fuel doesn't become dirty fuel!

Both are Made in USA and even with the development of cleaner-burning fuel, contaminants are still a major concern when it comes to fuel systems.

The Kenworth Kits, suited to Cummins engines, come included with the high velocity, dual flow BD7154 oil filter and BF7766 Fuel Filter.

The BD7154 provides improved engine protection during extended oil drain intervals, high idle time and harsh operating conditions.

The patented design of the High Velocity Dual-Flow filters provides maximum filtration, while the heavy-duty construction ensures dependable operation.

Baldwin Filters' High Velocity Dual-Flow line includes dual-flow lube filters to be used on Cummins ISM, ISX and Series 600 engines as replacements for the Fleetguard Venturi™ filter line.

There are differences between standard dual-flow lube spin-on filters and the High Velocity Dual-Flow filters.

High Velocity Dual-Flow spin-on have one inlet and one outlet and oil flowing through the filter is sent directly to the engine to protect vital engine components, rather than a portion being returned to the sump as with conventional dual-flow filters.

The High Velocity Dual-Flow spin-on design is also superior to standard full-flow/by-pass designs in that a larger portion of the flow travels through the high efficiency element, removing more small contaminants.

In traditional full-flow/by-pass designs, only a small percentage of flow, 10% or less, travels through the high efficiency element.

The BF7766 fuel filter will protect sensitive fuel system components, such as injection pumps and injectors, from damaging contaminants.

Baldwin Filters offers Service Kits for International and Volvo Trucks as well and make a wide range of heavy duty filters to make the job of workshop managers easier for not just American-made engines, but for many makes and models.

Take the hassle out of servicing, with Baldwin Filters.

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