UPDATE: Emergency services say it was fortunate that the truck that crashed on Cohoe St yesterday was not carrying flammable or explosive materials.

Toowoomba Fire Station office-in-charge Tony Guse said the truck was carrying bentonite which was being used in cement manufacturing.

Mr Guse said the liquid was "fairly stable"

He said if the truck's load had been flammable or explosive, emergency services would have been forced to evacuate a large area around the crash site.

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YESTERDAY: A DRIVER was lucky to escape unharmed this afternoon after his truck rolled during peak hour traffic on Cohoe St.

Just after 4.30pm as the truck was travelling east on James St, the tanker rolled onto its side.

Witnesses said as the truck was tipping, it also came in contact with an empty vehicle carrier travelling in the right-hand lane.

The truck came to rest over both east-bound lanes and one west-bound.

The driver escaped injury as a line of trucks quickly began to file back down James St towards Mackenzie St.

Truck driver Cracker Nash was travelling behind the truck when it rolled.

He said as he entered the corner he saw the other truck hit the ground and begin to slide.

"I hate to speculate, but there's only one way you can put it (truck) on its side on either side of this bend, and that's by going too fast," he said.

He said police directed him to merge his truck across both lanes to stop further traffic entering the bend.

Emergency crews used saw dust to stem the flow of diesel which was flowing from the vehicle's fuel tanks.

Cranes are still being used to remove the truck.

MONDAY: James St is still blocked as emergency crews try to remove a truck which rolled on the corner of James and Cohoe Sts.

Cranes are being moved in to help right the vehicle which rolled just after 4.30pm.

EARLIER: A B-DOUBLE truck has rolled at the top of the Range on Cohoe St near the intersection of James St.

All four lanes are currently blocked with traffic backed all the way down James St.

Motorists are advised to avoid the area with traffic diverting via Herries and Mackenzie Sts.

More information to come.

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