Truck grounded after driver tests positive for meth

RMS inspectors and police test a driver caught speeding.
RMS inspectors and police test a driver caught speeding.

POLICE are expected to lay charges against a 35-year-old Queensland man who tested positive to methamphetamine after being caught speeding.

The driver was detected by Roads and Maritime Services crews at 6pm on April 17, driving along the Pacific Motorway at Sleepy Hollow, exceeding the speed limit and passing other light vehicles.

Police said the truck was observed to pull into the Yelgun Highway interchange and stop on a southbound on-ramp.

Police and RMS inspectors arrived a short time later and police conducted a drug test on the driver, which returned the positive test to methamphetamine.

Police said the driver was searched and a small resealable bag was located with a small amount of a crystallised substance.

RMS and police test a driver caught speeding
RMS and police test a driver caught speeding

The driver was taken to the Byron Bay Police station, where he again tested positive to methamphetamine which resulted in a 24-hour driving prohibition order being served on him.

RMS inspectors performed a download of the vehicles engine control module, which determined that the vehicle could travel more than 140km/h.

RMS issued a major grounding defect for the vehicle and trailers based on faulty brakes and the combination being overlength by 1.39m.

Based on a search of the cabin, police issued infringements and defects for possession of a radar detector, inoperable seat belts, seat bolts missing and windscreen cracks.

Action is pending against the driver upon final analysis of the drug test, along with testing of the drug recovered.

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