Andrew Beattie
Andrew Beattie Jon WAllis

Truck driving is the job for Andrew

AND yes it had been raining (again!) when we pulled in to the Epping Forest Roadhouse the other day for a hot cuppa.

We were fortunate to catch up with Andrew Beattie from Devonport when he rolled in to get out of the rain for a bit.

Driving an RBA Linehaul 2004 Mack Magnum with a 500 V-Mack up front, he was towing a Maxi-Cube pan at the time and was on his way from Devonport to Hobart, then Sorell and on to Kingston before returning home.

"I've recently started driving for Bruce, and I'd have to say this has been a great job so far. He runs top well-maintained gear, and he looks after his drivers as you will know, so all is really good and I am happy as... though I could do with a break in this rain for a bit.”

Andrew tells us he has been on the road now for 20 years.

"Twenty years and it's mostly been pretty good to me; anyway I can't afford to retire as I have too many kids. We've still got five at home!”

We asked him how he spent his time off, and he told us he really enjoys fishing, both game and fresh and salt water.

"It's pretty much a family interest as even the kids are in an anglers club at Devonport, and they love it too. I enjoy anything outdoors, kids and all. We are so lucky to live in Tasmania where there is always so much to get out there and be involved in.”

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