Crash on David Trumpy Bridge

Emergency services personnel deal with the aftermath of the crash.
Emergency services personnel deal with the aftermath of the crash. Andrew Korner

THREE cars and a truck felt the negative side of the domino effect after they were involved in a collision on David Trumpy Bridge.

The crash about 2.50pm yesterday had a further spin-off with afternoon traffic thrown into chaos on and around the bridge until the vehicles were towed away.

Police are investigating the cause of the crash but it appeared it started when a truck collided nose-to-tail with a car half-way across the bridge.

The impact of that crash pushed the car into the back of the car it was following and in turn that car was pushed into another car.

The car hit by the truck was badly damaged in front and behind and the front of the truck was mangled. The other two cars had less serious damage but all had to be towed.

The man whose car was the third of the dominoes said he was taking his wife to an appointment with her optometrist.

"The traffic was backed up and I left a big gap between me and the car in front, otherwise they would have got hit too," the driver said.

"The bang - you couldn't believe the noise - bang, bang, bang. It was a concertina effect. The truck driver had no chance to stop."

Tow trucks converged on the bridge as police directed traffic on the bridge. Fire and rescue service officers helped clear the wreckage while Queensland Ambulance Service paramedics checked out those involved in the crash.

A QAS spokesman said one person was taken to Ipswich Hospital with minor injuries.

Police said traffic resumed to normal about 4.05pm.

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