National Road Transport Hall of Fame chief executive Liz Martin has sent an open letter of resignation. Picture: ANDREA JOHNSTON
National Road Transport Hall of Fame chief executive Liz Martin has sent an open letter of resignation. Picture: ANDREA JOHNSTON

Transport Hall of Fame to stay in Alice

THE National Road Transport Hall of Fame will remain in Alice Springs, following emergency meetings on the future of the facility, triggered by the resignation of CEO Liz Martin.   

Ms Martin has confirmed the continuation of the Hall of Fame in the red centre after speaking with members of the NRTHF Management Committee, including Jim Hurley, Sherrill Ives, Mike Crawford and the NT Director-General of Licensing Cindy Bravos.    

"We had a few meetings with a few departments, the main one being Licensing NT, and we've forged a way forward," Ms Martin said.   

Ms Martin's resignation still stands, and her "right hand man" of a decade, Sherrill, will also say her goodbyes to the museum as it looks to the future.  

"I've been here since day one, and the baby turns 21 this year so it's time for her to look after herself," Ms Martin said. 

"But like any mother I'll be watching and contributing and still involved in a different capacity."  

In the meetings it was agreed the museum would look at changing its structure and try to source more local people for its membership and committee, which is largely interstate.   

Ms Martin said she would continue living on site, continue to be involved with promoting the organisation and attending truck shows, and was looking forward to guiding the person who is chosen for the leading role. 

"We're looking for someone from the Alice Springs community who is aware of all the networks and different organisations and compliance issues," Ms Martin said. 

Rumours that certain display items had been removed from the museum were confirmed by Ms Martin, but explained as a regular occurrence.  

"There have been some local things picked up, but I think there's a misconception that everything in the museum is owned by the museum," Ms Martin said. 

"We have a rolling exhibition - it changes every year with vehicles coming and going. There's always that turnaround … people don't want to come back every year and see the same trucks."

Ms Martin added that with the certainty of the Road Transport Hall staying put, some new display vehicles were now on their way to Alice Springs, having been on standby while the saga played out. 

Management Committee Member Jim Hurley who traveled from Kyogle in Northern NSW to meet with the committee in Alice Springs said he took comfort in speaking with other members and the government representatives face to face. 

"There has been some compliance issues but they are well onto being fixed," Mr Hurley said. 

"There is still work to be done with structure however these things are not insurmountable. Mr Hurley said the trucking community can be assured a reunion will take place this year. 

"Liz was told they couldn't have the reunion, but that has been reversed and the letters for membership renewals are being sent out," he said. 

"But there has got to be some restructuring too, with Liz exiting there has to be a General Manager being appointed. 

Mr Hurley said the applications for the general manager position are being called for by the board in the coming week. 

In relation to the CEO's shock announcement Jim said he was aware of Liz's intention to leave for some time. 

"She wouldn't leave it high and dry, it's not her charter to want to close it down," he said.   

The Hall of Fame's website has remained offline since Ms Martin's announcement. 

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